Our transformative journey together will be as unique as you are, as unique as your story and your vision.

That said, I meet you with curiosity - and the knowledge that all the answers and everything you need is already within you.



Why do so many people who work on their mindset, read self-help books, write out goals, and stay "positive" - still, fail to improve themselves and their circumstances?  

That's because having the right MINDSET is never enough to achieve the success you desire. To translate your goals into reality, you also need the right HEARTSET to ignite your motivation and passion.


That's because they try to boost their ability by focusing ONLY on cognitive understanding, the brain in their head.

But as any scientist can tell you, your body is connected through neural pathways that transmit signals between the body and the brain to control your breathing, digestion, movement, thinking, feeling…

In fact, most people think the human body has only "1" brain when in reality many areas of the body are surrounded by neurons and brain cells, that also act as “control centers” responsible for vital flows of energy and information.

More specifically, you have "3" brains in your body, all playing a critical role in your health and well-being:


The heart region is home to 40,000 neurons - this where you process your emotions, desires, your life’s mission, and purpose, and interpersonal connections.


Your head region is filled with 86 billion neurons!

It’s the seat of cognition, consciousness, it creates narratives and is in charge of making analyses and decisions.


The gut region is abuzz with 100 million neurons. It responds to challenges, gets you moving and doing, and drives your Core sense of Self.

Needless to say, if you want to operate at your full potential, then your three brain centers must each operate at their full potential, all while getting in tune with one another so information can flow freely between them.

So any training, course, or book that doesn’t take this crucial detail into account simply won’t get you the kind of lasting, transformative results that takes your life to a new level.

If your mind, heart, and guts feel like they are split, wanting different things, we become very confused and restless.


During Inner Transformation Sessions, you will be aligning all three brains to guide you in one direction, gaining absolute certainty and CLARITY.

That’s exactly why this gentle and profound Inner Transformative process, reliably get all your brain centers working together so you can discover a new way of looking at your potential. 

Inner Transformative Coaching combines cutting-edge NLP, Positive Psychology, Hypnosis, with the best of Neuroplasticity, and helps you in a multidimensional way to expands your true potential.

Inner Transformative Coaching will gently and profoundly rewire your system at the Core, so you THINK, FEEL, and ACT in a superior way!

As shown by research conducted by places such as the HeartMath Institute, our hearts carry their own special kind of intuitive intelligence.


It is very easy to listen to the mind, mindlessly obey what others teach us, and logically plan our lives. However, our hearts and gut carry their own special kind of intelligence, an intelligence that is nonlinear, subtle, and often very abstract.


There is no formula or set of rules that are attached to the heart’s intelligence: it is up to us to tune into the voice within, which is often what confuses us so much.

Our head intelligence is what helps to give our lives structure, direction, and practical application. But our heart intelligence is what breathes life and truth into this framework of our life journeys.


Without listening to our hearts, we live soulless, unfulfilling, and inauthentic lives. But without listening to our heads, we live in absolute chaos.

As we can see, balance is needed.


We need to listen to all the heart, gut, and head, but often, we tend to value one over the other which is what causes us to experience internal conflict.

Whether you want to achieve personal, professional, career, relationship, health, athletic or financial goals - both, your conscious and unconscious minds need to be working together at their full potential!

What to expect?

I will ask you to bring your whole self to each session.

I will fully believe in you and create the space for you to step into your truth​. In this space, there is room for all objections, pain, fears, and doubts as and when they emerge.

Here we will uncover and rewire the old stories that are preventing you from moving to your next level.

In this journey, we will quiet your mental chatter, and as a result, let your innate wisdom, resilience, and calmness shine through more fully to meet the expansiveness of your mission and your true Core.

Image by Matt Howard




You book a 45-minutes call so we can start the conversation, explore, exchange, and assess suitability and fit for working together.



If both, you and I, agree we are a good fit, I put together an individual coaching package, to deliver immediate impact.



We evaluate and determine if we shall go further on a journey together based on your insights and realizations.


No one of us is immune to the pain and pitfalls of life. We pick up baggage, wounds, and self-limiting beliefs along the way, without even realizing it. Even the "luckiest" of us struggle at certain times.

I am passionate about empowering people to overcome the issues that hold them back and get them to where they want to be. And so you’ll sail through challenges with ease, see things with clarity, and maximize this extraordinary opportunity we call LIFE and BEYOND, feeling fulfilled, and excited to start the new day.

Let's start exploring! 


Lira I., from

Dubai, UAE

With great love, I want to share my story! Nell is a master of her craft, which gave me immeasurable respect and trust! After delicate sessions, I felt a burst of energy, cheerfulness, confidence, and freedom. Today I am full of strength and enthusiasm!

Daniela Z., Hamburg, Germany

I had a transformative  coaching experience with Nell on the topics "purpose" and "trust".  The deep insights contributed to my well-being.  I  recommend this form of coaching to anyone who wants to find themselves, to go through life calmly, confidently, and lovingly.

Inge H., from

London, UK

I have been fortunate to attend Core Transformation sessions with Nell and work on key issues to transform them on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Nell is a very talented and experienced coach who combines her wisdom with very effective techniques.

How does Transformative Coaching Session work?

The Transformative Coaching sessions take place via a zoom video or in-person in Hamburg or in any other location, based on what works best for both.


Prior to the session, we define together which unwanted emotions, self-destructive behavior, exhausting feelings, or unwanted habits you want to transform so that your individual coaching can be exactly tailored to your needs.

At the beginning of the session, I will start with information gathering, thus opening the door to your unconscious. You will be deeply relaxed, and you can keep control over what you say - and what you don't say. With a specific set of questions, I will be then guiding you through the Core Transformation process, and while doing so, we will be transforming and rewiring the roots of your issue.

During this transformative process, new insights, as well as new cellular and neural connections and pathways, will be created. The unwanted issue will naturally get transformed and gets integrated at the holistic level.

After this inner transformation work, you can live a life free of pain, suffering, and limiting beliefs. Even more, through this inner change process, you will experience wholeness, balance, inner peace, and holistic wellbeing. 

Your transformative coaching sessions can be facilitated in English, German or Russian languages.




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