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Clarity Is The Start Of Everything

Why do some people succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle?

According to Brendon Burchard, who spent 20 years answering that question, High Performers have one key habit and that is:


That’s absolutely true! 


High-performing athletes, musicians, and visionary business leaders from many fields describe such states of peak performance as an experience of having great inner Clarity and Congruence, Calmness, simply knowing within.

We have a clear vision, can be in flow, and at peak performance when our mind is calm, not worrying about anything when we are able to let go and are in a state of inner power and simply knowing within.

It’s an innate state of clarity when brilliant insights and aha moments come easily and spontaneously, action is powerful and efficient.

“Clarity, Congruence, and Calmfidence  – The States Of Being At The Root Of Peak Performance.”

Nell Puetter

However, having a thousand things on our mind (and desk) often leads to inner confusion, unwanted stress, pressure, and frustration...


And so we wonder about our lack of energy and low motivation, irritation, procrastination, even unconscious distractions coming up when we actually supposed to be going full speed!

Well, sometimes we all have that mental clutter, mind-chatter voice that keeps telling us all kinds of "false stories" holding us back... ​

Now, when we're trying to work something out, we generally use our intellectual minds, trying to think our way into the unknown.

And what happens is that those thoughts get faster and faster. But what we're left with is even less clarity. And yet, our mind is still blurred and confused...

“You Don't Know What You Don't Know.”

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How do you liberate yourself from this trap?


How do you calm your mind and regain your state of clear vision, inner Power, Clarity, and Calmfidence?

“If a pond is clouded with mud, there’s nothing you can do to make the water clear. But when you allow the mud to settle, it will clear on its own, because clarity is the water’s natural state...


Clarity is your mind’s natural state."

Jamie Smart


Maximising performance, while being clear, congruent, calm and in flow, is what individuals and organisations are searching for.


Because, when you clear your mind and start seeing through the clutter you can begin to experience an enormous increase in aliveness, innate calmfidence, and quality of life. Fears and limitations fall away naturally, dissolving effortlessly. 

You become creative, naturally motivated, and effortlessly find solutions to the ups and downs of life, are more productive, make real progress with the things that really matter, have better performance, while having more free time and more harmony in your personal and working relationships.

Gaining Clarity is the start of everything.


It’s an innate state of clarity when brilliant insights and aha moments come easily and spontaneously, action is powerful and efficient.

When you have Clarity you intuitively make the right decisions and choices, without forcing willpower or self-restrictive discipline on yourself or getting stuck in analysis paralysis.

When you have Clarity you feel liberated and naturally motivated, without forcing yourself to work harder.


When you have Clarity you reclaim your Power and take actions without fear, distractions, inner battles, self-sabotage, or procrastination.

Clarity enables us to propel forward, supercharged with innate Calmfidence and Congruence.

When you have Clarity you have unstoppable confidence and you move with your whole being in one direction, without wasting precious time and energy. 

When you have Clarity you are focused and creative and it’s easy to move towards your goal, without self-doubts, severe self-criticism, or constant overwhelm.

When you have Clarity you are simply in your Core Element, fully present in the moment, and have an enjoyable experience of life, knowing that you are on a mission greater than yourself.

When you have Clarity your whole being and your actions are in sync with your values and with who you are, without the feeling of being torn apart by contradictory desires, beliefs, or the opinions of others.

When you have Clarity you have peace of mind, without juggling between what you ought to do and what you actually desire.

When you have Clarity you are supercharged with purpose and act from an inner state of peace, without being constantly worried.

“High performers are clear on their intentions for themselves, their social world, their skills, and their service to others.”

Brendon Burchard


As a certified Core Transformation@ Coach and the Founder of Core Clarity Academy, I have helped hundreds of purpose-driven people to regain their Clarity, Congruence & Calmfidence coming from within.
My mission is to empower high performers through inner transformative work, helping them shift unwanted feelings, behaviours, or thoughts.
As a result, they move calmfidently towards their goals and create an impact in the world they were meant to, on both a professional and personal level.
Deep Dive Partner with your unconscious


The bookshelves and courses are full of advice and processes such as “7 steps of this” and “5 steps of that”... Of course all such skills, practice, and knowledge are critical skills and can support us. 

However, developing habits, skills and mindset alone is not enough on their own to achieve sustainable and holistic peak performance and true fulfillment.
Through my executive coaching experience, I’ve seen many professionals struggle for years with the same issues. Even though they perfectly understood their problem on an intellectual level and had the necessary skills, there was something holding them back to live their true potential. 

So I decided to go deeper with my coaching approach, helping people to partner with their unconscious mind, shifting whatever it is that is holding them back, declutter their minds, reduce stress, and master emotions while accessing their potential at the deepest level.


Transformative Coaching is designed to effortlessly activate your innate capacity for seeing clearly through situations, stepping into your inner calmfidence, and taking actions from the place of congruence, without needing to force yourself or practise yet another routine or learn a new skill, without you needing to do, think, implement or figure out anything.


Transformative Coaching works on the basis that we are all born with an innate clarity and natural motivation for thriving and flourishing.


It works on the basis that we all have a built-in blueprint and are born with the capacity to navigate the ups and downs of life's journey with ease while contributing to well-being in life and beyond.

Transformative Coaching is an "inside out work" -  is not about being perfect, willpower, discipline, strategy, or tactics, but having an overall sense of inner power, connection, purpose, and fulfillment, regardless of where you are, what you have.

During the coaching sessions with me, you will step into a space of your innate clarity, wisdom, inner strength and calmness, so that your true Core Insight can shine through more fully and effortlessly.

You will experience your inner clarity, through which innate calmness, congruence, more possibilities for the endeavors, and greater well-being naturally emerge and get integrated at the deepest level.

You may think you are here to change one thing, but inner transformation work may postively impact other areas of your life.

Do you need Transformative Coaching?

Yes, you need Transformative Coaching! And I don’t say this just because I am a certified Core Transformation@ Coach. I say this because inner work provides everyone with a deliberate place to grow.
Everyone has a blue-print and we are meant to move forward and evolve. And so transformative work cultivates inner congruence, power, confidence, resilience, and stability within, helping us expand to meaningful growth. 
You’ve probably heard of people referring to situations when they just had a lightbulb moment, intuitively knowing the right thing to do. This is an example of being in flow, clear, congruent, and calmfident, while accessing deep your true Core and your natural brilliance.
And, you probably notice, that this lightbulb moment often appears when we're not thinking of the thing that we're trying to figure out.

So by aligning our actions and being with our true Core, we access our inner wisdom and infuse our actions with true passion and purpose.

And as such, we become an expansive force within society and organisations, thriving and contributing to the well-being of people around us.
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The challenge...

When you are dealing with the same challenges over and over again, it’s frustrating. That frustration, inner tension, and restlessness when you’ve tried everything else, but still can’t resolve the struggle.

Whether you are a top-performer wanting to excel even further, someone who wants to start a new chapter in your life, do something different in your life – it’s difficult to do it alone.

This is exactly how I can help you as your  Transformative Coach. Someone who gives you space for everything that requires your attention and can't be expressed anywhere else.

A shift to a new perspective

Would you like the genius part of your mind to support you in achieving something you want?


My work is to activate true greatness in people, helping them quiet their mind-chatter, and while doing so, help them access their true Core.

My mission is to empower purpose-driven people, through inner transformative work, helping them shift unwanted feelings, behavior, or thoughts.


As a result, they create an impact in the world they were meant for, both on a professional and personal level.


Reveal Your Clarity, Congruence  & Calmfidence Within

Reconnect with the extraordinary innate wisdom and genius you were born with


Uncover the underlying root cause of the issue, and transform it at a deeper level


Re-write the "false story" that is holding you back


Update the meaning attached to past events, so that you can go after your mission with clarity


Rewire your mind and connect to your heart to live the legacy you are meant to create


Experience a permanent shift of inner challenges and as a result integration with your inner wisdom and innate greatness


Lira I., from

Dubai, UAE

With great love, I want to share my story! Nell is a master of her craft, which gave me immeasurable respect and trust! After delicate sessions, I felt a burst of energy, cheerfulness, confidence, and freedom. Today I am full of strength and enthusiasm!

Daniela Z., Hamburg, Germany

I had a transformative  coaching experience with Nell on the topics "purpose" and "trust".  The deep insights contributed to my well-being.  I  recommend this form of coaching to anyone who wants to find themselves, to go through life calmly, confidently, and lovingly.

Inge H., from

London, UK

I have been fortunate to attend Core Transformation sessions with Nell and work on key issues to transform them on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Nell is a very talented and experienced coach who combines her wisdom with very effective techniques.



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