Research study on Core Transformation has been published.

Andreas NLP is pleased that the first randomized, controlled study on Core Transformation has been published in a major journal. It was published in the July 2019 issue of The Journal of Counseling and Development, authored by Dinesh J. Braganza, Richard M. Gray, et al.

There were many interesting results reported in this study. One that stands out to me is, "... 61% of those who could have had a clinical diagnosis before treatment no longer fell into this category 4 weeks after the CT session." The treatment was just one session. Even with just that CT already got significant positive results on measures of overall wellbeing and symptom reduction, measured 4 and 8 weeks after the single session. The results were moderate but significant.

While we wouldn’t expect a single session of Core Transformation to completely resolve all of a person’s problems, this study confirms what we’ve seen in our training, coaching practices, and our own lives: Core Transformation gets results.

A small team of researchers is already working on future studies to measure the effects of multiple sessions of Core Transformation. Our clinical experience suggests that more than one session leads to even stronger results.

Why is Core-Transformation® so special?

Many self-help approaches have asked us to spend years striving to thoroughly understand our problems. A common belief is that if we only understand the problem well enough, it will simply disappear. Yet, all too often, we understand a problem and still have it. The goal of Core-Transformation is not to understand our problems, it is to go to the place within where our problems can be transformed at a deeper level.

Most traditional talk therapy attempts to resolve problems by talking through them rationally. The only thing is, most people who come to see me have already done that on their own! They already know at a rational level that what they’re doing or experiencing isn’t working for them and that something else would work better, otherwise they wouldn’t be coming to me for help. So this means we need to work on a different level from rational understanding.

The great thing about the Core Transformation process is that it works at the level of our automatic experience—the things we do or experience automatically, whether we like it or not. Actually, most of our experience is run in this automatic way, and it’s a good thing too. If we had to run everything consciously, we probably wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning, we’d be so busy keeping our heart beating, our lungs breathing, and countless other automatic processes that keep us alive and healthy. So mostly these automatic processes work great, but when they don’t, it can be really frustrating because of how automatic they are!

The good news is that Core Transformation works at this automatic level so that the solutions you find will be just as automatic. This means an end to using willpower to try to will yourself to be the way you want to be, and instead, it can just happen naturally and automatically.

“Who you are has a tremendous impact not only on how you impact others but also how you carry yourself in day-to-day situations and internal beliefs. In NLP we call this your identity and it cascades its way down through beliefs, capabilities, behaviors, and your environment. You can imagine how much of an impact internal work has an influence on your world... and then everyone else's world!"
Dr. Connirae Andreas

What benefits can you experience from the Core-Transformation® session?

Core-Transformation® is not about willpower, discipline, strategy, or positive thinking. It’s a natural, powerful inner work process that connects us with our core self to facilitate lasting change.

It is not about being perfect, but having an overall sense of inner power, connection, purpose, and fulfillment, regardless of where you are, what you have, or who you are with.

Core-Transformation® helps us to heal ourselves and develop as human beings, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, to move beyond inner conflict and inner struggle into experiencing alignment with our deepest self.

Through incredibly effective sessions this inner transformation work is helping people overcome their most painful issues.

In the guided inner work session, you connect the conscious mind with the unconscious part to dissolve and unravel limitations, and deeply-entrenched problems. And as such rewiring, recoding, and re-imprinting new neural pathways.

This guided process offers a graceful way to change unwanted thoughts, feelings, and habits, and achieve goals you thought were unattainable.

How Core-Transformation® session works?

Our transformative journey together will be as unique as you are, as unique as your story. That said, I meet you with curiosity - and the knowledge that all the answers and everything you need is already within you.

Nell Puetter, certified Core-Transformation®, NLP, and Core-Resilience® Coach will be guiding you through this gentle, yet powerful, healing process in a one-to-one zoom session, rewiring the new YOU at the depths of your unconscious, permanently transforming hidden blocks. And as such rewiring, recoding, and re-imprinting new neural pathways.

The Core-Transformation sessions take place via a zoom video (secured online video-meeting). This saves you time and you can stay in a place you feel comfortable in.

At the beginning of the session, I will start with information gathering, thus opening the door to your unconscious. You will be deeply relaxed, and you can keep control over what you say - and what you don't say. With a specific set of questions, I will be then guiding you through the Core-Transformation process, and while doing so, we will be transforming the roots of your issue.

You will recognize the part of yourself that blocks you and together we will explore the inner, deep-seated needs of that part. During this transformative process, new neural connections and pathways will be created. The unwanted will naturally get transformed at the unconscious level, from an inner perspective of your Core Self.

After this inner transformation work of the unwanted, you can live a life free of pain, suffering, and limiting beliefs. Even more, through the Core Transformation, you will experience wholeness, balance, inner peace, and holistic wellbeing.

Experiencing this process feels like a long overdue kindness to yourself.

"Life is not what happens to us, but what happens within us."


I’m very intuitive in my work with people and devoted to deep, transformative work. As with any deep partnerships, it is built on commitment, trust, vulnerability, and integrity. Transformative journey with me is not about business coaching, strategy, discipline, willpower, or positive thinking. It’s a natural, powerful inner process that connects us with our genius Core and with our inner wisdom and propels us into true fulfillment.

If you are a change-maker and curious to explore Core-Transformation and see for yourself how this unfolds in your life, I am ready to support you to get into your true zone.

Everything starts with a conversation, so please feel free to book a 15-minute clarity call with me here.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Nell Puetter

Wellpreneuer und Neuro Core Transformations Coach


About Transformative Journey:

Strong and wise leaders become a force multiplier within society and organizations, expanding and adding on to the wellbeing of people around them.

Transformative work, cultivates inner power, wisdom, resilience, and stability within, helping us achieve meaningful growth.

By aligning your efforts with your genius Authentic Core, you infuse your actions with inner wisdom, genuine passion, and true purpose.


The Journal of Counseling and Development, authored by Dinesh J. Braganza, Richard M. Gray, et al.

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