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CALMFIDENCE is the ability to stay calm and confident and perform at your best, personally and professionally, even during times of high pressure, change & adversity. In today’s fast-paced world, we experience great challenges, distractions, pressures & unexpected changes. The ability to maintain focus, calmness & balance our wellbeing amidst these distractions & complexities is an imperative life skill. Together we will explore the 12 qualities of CALMFIDENCE that interrelate like spokes on a wheel. We will then examine how to strengthen each spoke of the wheel and thereby increase your overall resilience quotient to help you cope with everyday challenges. The good news is: we are all born being resilient. We just have to know how to reactivate it! The CORE CALMFIDENCE coaching is for you if you are under stress, trying to navigate through times of uncertainty, have not yet fully processed heavy emotions from the past, or if you have been seriously shaken by rocking events in your life. This transformative CORE CALMFIDENCE work is incredibly effective in helping people to dissolve everyday overloads and experience an inner strength that leads to many practical benefits including dissolving stress, improving sleep, transforming relationship hot-buttons, deep relaxation, inner peace, and resetting of the nervous system, enhancing creativity, sense of humor, and enhanced problem-solving ability. Through the inner process of CORE CALMFIDENCE, I will help you overcome, rewire, re-imprint, and recode unwanted feelings, behaviors, habits, or thoughts related to your resilience, confidence, and stability issues. Confident and resilient people perform well under pressure, effectively managing their moods, thoughts, emotions, they react less adversely, communicate more clearly & build stronger relationships. They have higher levels of emotional stability & ultimately help make their environments be more constructive, expanding & enjoyable. During the sessions, you will be working at the deeper level (deeper than just intellectual, cognitive mindset), as a result creating new neural pathways, and rewiring resourceful connections, activating your inner resilience, power, and stability coming from within you, not dependent on anything or anybody. The session can be facilitated in English, German or Russian languages. I am looking forward to a transformative journey with you! With much gratitude, Nell Puetter

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