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Here is your opportunity to book a free initial CONSULT with me to discuss your situation, so we can explore together how best to empower you to get the results you are looking for. Please apply below by selecting the time and date and filling out the questionnaire. If you can’t find times that work for you, email nell@nellpuetter.com letting me know your timezone and what times or days of the week work for you. TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO FORCE THEMSELVES TO CHANGE! Good intentions, however, are not enough. If forcing yourself to eat less worked, nobody would be overweight. If forcing yourself to think happy thoughts worked, nobody would be anxious. Our inner struggles and blocks are not something we do consciously. It's almost as if an unconscious part of us makes us do “those” things... And we fight against that part, read self-help books and overthink the issue, force ourselves even harder or give-up... Unfortunately, the costs of battling with inner struggles are high - unresolved issue creates a feeling of being stuck and be one of the most frustrating things in life, leading to poor performance, worries, dissatisfaction due to slow or no progress or even delays in achieving goals. Confusion and self-doubts may hinder your ability to get things done and lead to even more disappointment, fear, self-sabotage, distraction, procrastination, or inaction. Being stuck may result in low self-esteem, stress and anxiety and even be the underlying cause of addictions affecting your relationships or health in the long term. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! Tap into the power of your unconscious mind! Our conscious willpower and intellectual mind are limited and are only 5% of our mental capacity. But our unconscious mind keeps going 24/7, even while you sleep. And so if you can tap into the other 95% of your internal resources and make the change at the deeper level "there" effortlessly. Whether we want to achieve personal, professional, career, relationship, health, sporting or financial goals - both, our intellectual conscious and unconscious minds need to be working together at their full potential. As a certified Core Transformation@ Coach, my work is to empower my clients to partner with their unconscious mind, shifting whatever it is that is holding them back, helping them reveal their Core Clarity, reclaim their inner Calmfidence, and align with their true Core. Reserve your spot for an initial free CONSULT.

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