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You already know all about your stress triggers, however, it is still doesn't help to cope with being overwhelmed and stressed? Start partnering with your unconscious power through the transformation process - this is where real change happens! After re-coding, rewiring, re-imprinting your stress triggers, you can lead a life from a point of balance, confidence, wellbeing, and stability, coming naturally from within. This Core Transformation® session will help you overcome, rewire, re-imprint, and recode unwanted feelings, behaviors, habits, or thoughts at the deepest level, integrating the conscious mind with the unconscious part of yourself, creating new neural pathways, and rewiring resourceful connections. The Core Transformation® method is not about willpower, discipline, or positive thinking - it is about integrating and coming to a deeper harmony within ourselves and with our world. WHAT IS CORE TRANSFORMATION® AND HOW IT CAN HELP YOU: The Core Transformation® is a powerful blend, originated from the fields of NLP, hypnosis, and psychology, developed by Connirae and Tamara Andreas. This recognized method enables you to overcome blocks and limitations including unwanted emotions, behavior, and thoughts at the deepest level. ABOUT THE SESSION: Our transformative journey together will be as unique as you are, as unique as your unique story. Prior to the session, you will define which unwanted emotions, behavior, habits, or thought you want to change so that your individual session can be exactly tailored to you and your topic. With a specific set of questions, you will be then guided into a relaxed state, thus opening the door to your unconscious. Nell Puetter certified Core Transformation®, Positive Psychology Coach will be guiding you through this gentle, yet powerful, healing process in a 1:1 zoom session, permanently transforming hidden triggers. The session can be facilitated in English, German or Russian languages. Please feel free to get in touch for an initial consultation or if you have any questions. I am looking forward to a transformative journey with you. With much gratitude, Nell Puetter

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